Vivio currently serves over 10,000 unique users across iPhone, iPad and Mac. Vivio is an iOS 10 ad blocking app with the sole purpose to make your browsing experience better and faster. Experience the web the way it is supposed to be, clean and fast. Vivio not only removes ads from the websites you visit in Safari, it also saves you data traffic and data traffic costs up to 50% and makes your battery lasts longer as a result.

Ad blocking privacy protection
Reducing data usage and costs faster websites loading
Better battery life
Continuous ad blocking rule updates

Main Features

The them to the app from the cloud, without the need for an app update. This way the app is always up to date and the best and newest ad blocking rules are always used. The Vivio team are creating and maintaining ad blocking filters and periodically push out updates. Our research and testing show that there is a real difference in the browsing experience when using Vivio. Here are a few interesting fact:

Saves you 38% data traffic, saving bandwith costs
Reduces resource load by 58%, making your battery last longer
Makes your overall browsing experience 30% faster

Why Is Vivio better then other ad blocking apps?

All the current ad blocking solutions for iOS 8 and older work as a proxy or VPN. The problem with this approach is that all your data go through a third party and you have no control over what the third party does if your data. Sure, they fill filter the ads for you but they may also inject some of their own ads to your data, inspect your traffic or even sell information about your browsing habits.

Current Intellectual Property Cloud based autonomous ad blocking tracker and malware detection. Currently the Vivio team has developed a cloud based environment to continually publish ad blocking updates to the application, this could be eventually patentable and developed into unique IP. As advertising malware and threats are continually changing, integrating an autonomous engine for detection and maintaining will be a large asset.

Browser optimization and loading

In this first benchmark we took 8 popular websites and measured how much data can Vivio save you. Transferring less data means greater speed and less battery usage. Of course you also do not see the intrusive ads, but this is not something that can be measured.

As you can see, Vivio can save you about half the traffic on most of those sites. In our tests Vivio saved 42% traffic overall.

Vivio Enterprise Suite

The envisioned Vivio enterprise suite will include a range of privacy centric, data/band with optimizations and permission based controls for companies to ensure the safety of devices within their employee’s to safeguard against advertising malware and usage options. Some of the features will feature current Vivio technology provided in the consumer version with enterprise made enhancements which will include:

Ad Blocking (enhanced malware detection)

Privacy protection

Reduction of data costs and bandwidth usage

Faster website browsing

Better battery performance

Cloudbased ad blocking rule updates

Url blocking with optimizable preferences on a company basis

Cloud based management suite to send application for download to employee’s 
enabling visibility on device usage, browsing and a range of analytical tools

API to integrate into existing mobile enterprise management companies, who 
can add on Vivio’s proprietary ad blocking engine to their suite of features Future IP As the ad blocking space is extremely new in a mobile context, Vivio sees a tremendous opportunity

Cloud based enterprise management suite to send users ad blocking applications and monitoring/analytic solutions

Browsing usage and data consumption management

Future Developments

The Vivio team intends to leverage the current user base as a sandbox for enterprise development to test and optimize future incremental developments targeted for an enterprise suite of tools that can be integrated into sector specific area’s of growth. Currently areas we are keen to focus on are:

Mobile Device Management

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Mobile App Management

Secure Mobile Browser

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