Daniel Cattlin

Daniel Cattlin brings a new age perspective to the business, with expertise in project and asset management, and a background in corporate finance - this, giving him both the operational and financial understanding to take companies from start up and early development, through to expansion and capital growth within a public environment.

His success in creating business growth and developed began when he started in asset management. Mr. Cattlin worked for a specialist property management firm where he learnt the key factors associated to creating growth within this sector; understanding the financial, legal, and compliance procedures involved, and a master of negotiation, Mr. Cattlin achieved high returns for both his company and his clients, which lead to him successfully managing several multi million dollar portfolios for investment clients.

Mr. Cattlin then went on to work at a Financial Advisory where he specializing in Corporate Finance, Mr. Cattlin helped his clients deal with the source of funding and the capital structure of their corporation, as well as the actions that their managers should take to increase the value of the firm to the shareholders.


Tomas Mistrik

Tomas Mistrik is the Chief Technology Officer at Cyberfort.

A versatile and multitalented Technology Development Manager, Mistrik got the best from teams to deliver a variety of products including the Vivio ad-blocking app for iOS 10 and the Silicon Valley-based Synergykit platform for mobile developers. His experience in providing market research, developing and delivering cyber security products for various mobile platforms makes him a great asset to our team.

Mistrik has a MPA & MBA in Administration and Accounting from the Sydney Australian Catholic University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and management from the Prague Bohemia University.


Harish Doddala

Advisory Board

Harish Doddala is the Senior Advisor at Cyberfort.

Dodalla brings his 9 Years of Product Management and Software Engineering experience delivering results for Cisco, VMware, Oracle, IBM and Siemens. Fully fluent in R, Python, MATLAB, C, WEKA, Adobe Site-Catalyst, LINUX and XL Miner, he has also mastered numerous functional skills including Data Analytics, Competitive Strategy, Product/Technology Strategy, Wire-framing and Cloud Technology.

Dodalla was the recipient of a JASSO Scholarship at KEIO, Tokyo to evaluate digital platform strategies in telematics applications, and earned a MS in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT).


Krishna Kumar

Krishna Kumar is the Technology Development Manager at Cyberfort.

Kumar had more than 10 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. His first graduate research paper focused on implementing a powerful email clustering algorithm to filter spam, and he has since continued providing powerful security and ad-blocking measures for companies such as CSC and PayPal India. He has a vast knowledge of mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and programs in Obj-C, Python, Ruby, C++, Django, Rails REST AWS/backends, C++ Infrastructure Servers and Message Queues.

Kumar has a B. Tech in IT from Madras University and a M.Tech from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.

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