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Since 2015, Just Content has been downloaded by thousands of users across iPhone, iPad and Mac. With support for over 250K blocking rules you are using the most secure content blocker. Enjoy protection from –

Track Data Usage

Choose a clean, safe web at work and at home. Keep track of wifi, cellular data usage on all your devices with the built-in data usage tracker of Just Content.

Highest Security is the Default in Just Content 4

No other adblocker blocks as much malicious content as Just Content 3. With 250,000 blocking rules that are updated regularly, devices are protected from the latest malware attacks, phishing attempts, unsafe content, hate speech found on the web. We also block adult sites, gambling sites, distractions and social media by default. Just Content 3 makes your devices completely safe to use in a home environment with children. At work, you are free to use your devices for collaboration and presentations without the embarrassment of the wrong ad popping up at the wrong time.

State of the Web

The web has become the primary medium for delivering and consuming content and used by billions of people everyday. The popularity of cyberspace has also given rise to threats to end customers. Malicious and unsafe content is being delivered alongwith the actual content across the web. Content blockers, spam protection, call protection have become the primary tools to safeguard us and our devices.

Just Content for macOS

You can also block ads on your desktop and laptop Macs.

Upcoming Products

Just Content has provided the highest security content blocker apps since 2015. We have been working hard to leverage our expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide solutions for customer problems like spam SMSes and robo calls. Our spam filtering solution, SMS Junk, is very close to release and a content moderation platform for businesses and enterprises is currently under development.

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