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At Cybersoft, we are always at the cutting edge of the latest developments in the world of cybersecurity. This includes keeping track of organizations in various sectors as well as their performance and growth. Below is a chart showing the 5 most important companies in the field today and their average annual growth as forecast by financial experts.

                        Company NameMarket CapTickerCybersecurity SectorAverage Annual Growth Rate Forecast
Palo Alto Networks$13.47BNYSE:PANWThreat Detection & Prevention+30.33%
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.$13.12BNASDAQ:CHKPUnified Threat Management+10.16%
Fortinet, Inc.$6.02BNASDAQ:FTNTEnterprise Security Solutions+33.39%
FireEye, inc.$2.34BNASDAQ:FEYEAdvanced Threat Protection+24.4%
Proofpoint inc.$3.14BNASDAQ:PFPTSecurity-As-A-Service+29.33%

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