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Cyberfort Software, Inc. (OTC:CYBF) is a company specializing in the acquisition and development of cyber security software and secure internet communication. Positioning ourself to deal with various cyber threats through innovative protection technologies for mobile, personal and business tech devices, stretching across a number of the available platforms. 


Since 2015, Just Content has been downloaded by thousands of users across iPhone, iPad and Mac. With support for over 250K blocking rules you are using the most secure content blocker. Experience the web the way it is supposed to be, clean and fast. Just Content not only removes ads from the websites you visit in Safari, it also saves you data traffic costs up to 50% and makes your battery lasts longer as a result.

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Favorable government regulations promoting tightened web security has been identified as the major factor driving adoption of web content filtering solutions among end-users. In addition, growing desire to better manage the network bandwidth consumption and defy cyber threats have further fueled market momentum.

Content Filter

The worldwide web content filtering market is predicted to observe growth due to growing concerns over employee output, data security and legal liability. Firms are accepting such solution to detect and regulate internet related issues of safety. Increasing malicious digital activities and presence of large proportion of digital virus that can propel growth and expansion of the global web content filtering industry.

Ad Blocking

Ad blocking is now the most hotly discussed topic in the digital media industry. A complex landscape of mobile ad blocking has evolved, accompanied by much conjecture and hyperbole. We believe that any constructive industry response to ad blocking must be based on facts, not opinions.

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